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Promote PS5 and Xbox Series X with “the same, but faster” does not sell the console

The SSD may be very interesting, but the new generation has to give me something else.

By Mario Gmez /March 28, 2020, 18:0045 comments

I like thatSony and MicrosoftThey are building the house on the roof. Neither short nor lazy, both companies have presented the technical specifications of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with what I understand is half a year in advance, and in one case we have not even seen the console chassis, or its command. I like it, because I think it is the most honest and direct step they can take. All that comes next is, to a greater or lesser extent, smoke. Some games will submit to the always hated ‘downgrade’, be delayed, or come up with this or that problem. But the specifications are what they are, and in this case the protagonists are theSSD.

I’m not sure that presenting the new consoles in this way has been successfulI already have an SSD on my PC. In fact, I have two: one 1TB that I use for games, and another 240GB, NVMe M2, for the operating system. But those on the new consoles are more special. There is no desire to go into detail because we have already talked long and hard about the subject in 3DGames, but the idea is that these components will not only load information faster, but also allow creators to greatly improve thecreation of worlds, the transmission of shadows and textures, a smoother fluidity, etc. Players less experienced with this matter fantasize about larger, more detailed worlds, so we can move more freely as well. The more closed worlds will benefit from the fact that fast resources can be loaded quickly and intelligently to improve their graphics. Not all studies agree, I do.

PlayStation 5 image

But what has been shown, tangible, in video, is different. We’ve all seen Xbox Series X jump from game to game, bypassing the main menu, in the blink of an eye. We know that the same console will open games of the present and dying generation, like State of Decay 2, at high speed as well. And well, it has been repeated by active and passive thatloading timesthey will be a thing of the past. Okay, I’m interested, but it all boils down to “the same thing, but faster,” and I’m not sure presenting the new consoles this way was the right decision.

Microsoft has done a little better than Sony in this regard, I think; showing demos with the new possibilities of your hardware. They have also presented idle trailers of those who sell you the shell of a console as if it were a car, and have established that visual connection with players who do not understand numbers or acronyms. Sony, not even that. I imagine that they are reserving that kind of information for a parallel event to the now canceled E3 2020, but that of “players, we are going to talk about PS5” and that it is, indeed, a talk of the GDC its original destination also makes me frown. ceo. Give us something we can all understand, please.

PlayStation 5 image

I think ordinary players are going to be quite confused with the new generation of consolesLast week, AMD shared a demo forshow capabilitiesof the DXR (DirectX Raytracing). It seemed ugly to me, everything was chromatic, as if it were a CGI from the 90s or early 2000s. But hey, I was very clear how the latest version of the bookcase performs. I’m no one to tell Sony or Microsoft how they should sell their products, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to release a similar demo to teach gamers what the benefits of SSD translate to in upcoming games? I would have liked to see a littlenew advancethan 343 Industries can do with the Slipspace Engine beyond the intergenerational Halo Infinite, or perhaps a Sony equivalent with the Decima Engine running on PS5.

I know that both PS5 and Xbox Series X await a hopeful future, and I know that both have much to say before launch. We will certainly learn more about it in the summer; we will have more thingstangible. But until then, I think ordinary players are going to be pretty confused with the new generation of consoles. For foreros, that translates to absurd discussions of which machine has the most teraflops. For those not actively participating in these discussions, maybe it’s “I don’t know if I’m interested in this console or not.” I only hope that, when the time comes, they will surprise us with one of those trailers that make you hallucinate with the graphics; because there is no stronger message to convey to the general public.

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