Promotional promotional offers on B & You, Free Mobile, SFR Red, Sosh, Auchan, La Poste and Prixtel


Why pay a high price moving floor when is it possible to offer it at low cost thanks to the numerous promotions with the various operators?

After having presented to you yesterday the best promotions in the field of fixed network, ADSL or fiber, among the various operators, today we pass to the mobile offers dedicated with the selection below of the best offers of the moment.

Let's start with Sosh who proposes, until 23 April 9am, his package € 19.99 per month for only € 9.99 a month without obligation. The price will then return to € 19.99 after 12 months.


As a reminder, this package includes:

  • Unlimited calls and SMS / MMS in France
  • Mobile Internet with 20 GB of data (reduced throughput) in metropolitan France
  • Send unlimited text messages to Europe / Switzerland / Andorra / DOM
  • From abroad, unlimited calls and SMS / MMS to these areas and in France and enjoy your 20 GB of mobile Internet as if you were in France.
  • Universal SIM card (€ 5)

B & You proposes 3 new non-binding packages with tariffs valid until 29 April 2019. They offer all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France.

  • Proposed for € 9.99 a month without commitment, the package B & You 20 GB offers 20 GB of data, of which 4 GB can be used in roaming (Europe and DOM)
  • Offered at € 16.99 per month without commitment, the package B & You 50 GB offers 50 GB of mobile data including 10 GB for roaming (Europe, DOM, USA and Canada). You'll also have unlimited internet in France over the weekend! This will allow you to navigate without data limits and save even more your fixed volume of 50 GB.
  • Also available for € 16.99 per month, the package B & You 80 GB offers 80 GB of data, including 8 GB that can be used in roaming (Europe and DOM).

These prices will remain valid even after 12 months.

B-80 & You-Go

Red of SFR
offers until 22 April a 30 GB moving floor without commitment for € 10 per month for life, you understand that the price will remain the same even after 12 months. It offers unlimited calls and SMS / MMS as well as 4 GB of data roaming on a monthly basis, as well as free access to the Youboox ebook service, available until 30 June 2019.


And for those who need even more data, RED offers the same package as above but with 100 GB of data for € 20 per month (10 GB of roaming in Europe).

Free mobile proposes his Special package series to € 8.99 per month with 50 GB of data including 4 GB roaming.

As a reminder, this price of € 8.99 / month is valid for one year, after this one automatically switches to the classic package for € 19.99 per month (100 GB / 25 GB of data). The special (non-binding) series is for new subscribers. Integrates unlimited calls, SMS and MMS (Metropolitan France and DOM), 50 GB of mobile Internet in 4G in France, and 4 GB per month in 3G from Europe and DOM.


At the level of virtual operators, three offers are currently available:

Prixtel propose your package "The complete" from 3.99 euros per month instead of € 9.99, valid until 2 May. This is a modular package whose price will automatically adjust based on the volume of data consumed, with a maximum chronology of the ceiling to avoid unpleasant surprises.

There are 3 levels:

  • Up to 5 GB of data: € 3.99 per month (instead of € 9.99)
  • Up to 15 GB of data: € 8.99 per month (instead of € 14.99)
  • Up to 50 GB of data: € 13.99 per month (instead of € 19.99)

In addition to data, this package includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France to landlines and mobiles, but also in Europe and overseas territories in France, as well as unlimited calls and SMS from France to Europe. , the DOM and North America.

Note that the data from Europe and the Overseas is 7.4 GB, whatever the package chosen (very interesting therefore for the package only € 3.99!) And that as part of this offer, the network used will be the choice of SFR or orange (you can choose at the time of enrollment or change later). Attention, this promotional price will be valid for 6 months, so you will return to the classic rate.


Auchan Telecom offers until April 24th his non-binding mobile plan with 60 GB of data who is entitled to a reduction of the valid lifetime price (provided that he remains a subscriber), seeing his price increase only € 12.99 per month.


The 60 GB package includes unlimited calls, SMS and unlimited MMS in France and mainland France from Europe and overseas territories, and a data envelope of 4G of 60 GB in France (reduced yield) and 5 Go roaming (Europe and DOM). The SIM card has a cost of € 10, but the Visual Voicemail option is free.

The virtual mobile operator uses the networks of Bouygues Telecom, SFR or Orange (you can change the call for support). An interesting offer because it offers a very large data plan with a guaranteed price for life.

Finally, The Mobile Post offers, until next April 22nd, his no-obligation mobile plan for € 18.99 a month for only € 9.99 a month without obligation using the discount code PROMO60. Note that the price is valid for life!

the 60GB mobile-stamp

this package includes:

  • Unlimited voice, SMS and MMS calls in metropolitan France, from the mainland to the DOM, from Europe and from the DOM / COM areas to these same areas and metropolitan France
  • 60 GB of data in France and 10 GB of mobile Internet in Europe (blocked further)
  • Unlimited music with unlimited access to streaming music streaming service from the universal music catalog

ISAs a reminder, don't forget our previous good deals on the Samsung Galaxy A30 at € 191, S10 + at € 740, S10 at € 649, S10e at € 559, S9 at € 454, … or OnePlus 6T 8/128 GB at € 449 instead of € 589, but also Redmi Note 7 from € 171.

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