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Updated on 11/24/2021 07:38 pm

Jamila Dahabreh He surprised this Tuesday by celebrating in style his presence at the Expo Feria Dubai, where Peru has a pavilion. The model exhibited her Munay collection, inspired by Peruvian looms, however, her participation in this international event has received several criticisms.

Designers such as Meche Correa and Jorge Salinas asked the authorities to explain what the criteria were for choosing Jamila Dahabreh as representative of Peru at this fair held in Dubai.

“Magaly TV: La Firme” consulted Promperú’s communications chief, Víctor Urquiaga, about the model’s participation in said international fair.

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The only thing we can say is that she is a person who arrived, and if she identifies as Peruvian, she walks through the pavilion like so many people, but there is no strictly commercial nexus. (…) As far as we have seen, Mrs. Jamila is not there, because there are currently no such business rounds in Dubai“, answered.

In this regard, Magaly Medina questioned the official’s statements after recalling that the model exhibited her garments on a desk next to the national pavilion. “It’s like a peddler, (can you) take out all your rags and sell it? I do not understand“, critical.


Regarding what happened about the Jamila Dahabreh model, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism issued a letter addressed to the Magaly Medina program, in which it clarifies that said model does not belong to or has not been convened by PromPerú to participate in any commercial round in the Peru pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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The state agency affirms that Jamila Dahabreh toured the Peruvian pavilion at the exhibition like any other tourist and that the images that she presented along with her “commercial statements do not have support”, because the model has not held meetings of a nature. commercial or participated in business conferences inside the pavilion.

Even many of the images do not seem to belong to the Peru pavilion itself, but to photographs taken in other pavilions.

PromPerú informed that Dahabreh’s company is applying to participate in the Commercial Roundtable scheduled for January 19 and 20, 2022, but that this company is still in the evaluation process.


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