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According to the Portuguese agency Lusa, queues were forming in front of the large vaccination center, which began operating again in the trade fair area in the capital.

The council recommended it, I also drove without orders and in a very long time it turned out, said AFP agent former teacher Jos Barreto.

In Portugal, 87 percent of the population have completed a 19-year-old lead, which is one of the highest rates in the European Union and the world. The government focused on seniors and people from risk groups. He wants a fifth of the population to get an aunt by the end of the year.

In Portugal, after a few months, a state of emergency came into force again, which resulted in the tightening of some rules. When entering the interior of restaurants, cafes, hotels, gyms and some cultural and sporting events, it is necessary to prove yourself with a covid certificate. He is exposed to the people who recovered from the covid-19 disease and had a negative test.

Tests also for chained tourists

This tightened the rules for entering the country. People who are challenged against covid-19 must also prove a negative test. According to the EFE agency, there are strict checks on the land border with Spain, and several flights of people were fined at the flight in Lisbon for flying to countries without a test. Airlines that transported passengers without a test will also be fined.

According to the AFP agency, the government took new measures due to fears that the situation from the arrest of this year, when a strong wave of a pandemic hit the country, will be repeated. Therefore, sweat after the outer lights, in the first week of January, with compulsory work from home, extended knee pads and a closed bar. At the end of January, temporary parliamentary elections took place in Portugal.

The number of nakaench is increasing in Portugal for several weeks. On Wednesday, it reached its highest level since the 6th, when a strong wave of the epidemic prevailed in the country and hospitals were facing an acute shortage of drugs in the intensive care units. Of these hospitals, there are currently fewer and 17 people have died in the last 24 hours in connection with the covid-19 disease.



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