Prosecutors ask Trump to withdraw rule that prevents 17,000 migrants from working

Last Monday, 16 state prosecutors they sent a letter to the government of Donald Trump asking you to remove a proposal what are you looking for restrict approval of work permits to foreigners with a deportation order. This would affect about 17 thousand migrants.

Also, the new regulation is in the period of 60 days for feedback on “Authorization of employment for certain classes of foreigners with final expulsion orders”.

According to him United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), under current regulations:

“An alien who has a final order of removal and who is temporarily released from DHS custody under an order of supervision (OSUP) is generally eligible for an employment authorization document (EAD).”

“This discourages the foreigner from departing or cooperating with their home country to obtain travel documents to leave the United States. These foreigners have used substantial government resources throughout the removal process. Ultimately, an immigration judge has ordered their removal from the United States, “he explained. USCIS, it’s a statement.

More about the rule that prevents 17 thousand migrants from working

In addition, in this regard, Becerra reported in a statement that:

“Migrant working families should not be denied the opportunity to earn a basic income to stay afloat. They are not begging. This proposal is not only against the law. It is cruel and threatens to harm us all. Providing even the bare minimum of legal protection and treating workers with dignity should not be up for debate. “

Attorneys from all 16 states also ensure that the DSH acted against will of Congress by proposing a rule that would require immigration officials to ignore the possibility of foreigners obtaining work permits under immigration law.

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