Prosecutor’s Office has already searched for Pati Chapoy for the woman who attacked her

The prosecution already contacted Party Chapoy to see if the founder of windowing wants to take some legal action against the woman who verbally assaulted her almost two weeks ago, when she was having coffee with Ernest Hernandez in a plaza in Mexico City.

“The Prosecutor’s Office already wrote to her and a while ago, she told me, they offered her their support and help in any situation and if she wants to file a complaint, the door is open, but obviously she is not going to do it. What she did tell me when we got into the car that day is that what a pity and how sad that we are experiencing what we are experiencing, ”said the LSR columnist and head of Public Relations for Ventaneando.

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The events occurred one day when both were in a square with some free time and decided to sit down and have a coffee. Suddenly, a young woman who was passing by with a boy of approximately eight years old and a man (apparently her son and husband), recognized Chapoy and began to yell at him that it was because of her that the country was the way it was. The driver did not flinch, she only saw her from her seat, but the woman’s anger increased in intensity and that was when Ernesto got up to face her.

“I stood up and told him, listen, what’s wrong with you, is he crazy or what? And he replied, It’s that this woman and you who come out to stand up for her, you defend her, you’re a pend…!, and He told me chin… your mother and I replied that the one who was going to fuck her mother was her, “he recalled.

Such was the discussion that other women who were in the cafe called Pati to get her away from the place, the police also arrived thinking that Ernesto was the one who had started the lawsuit, but later they realized that he had not, so both he and Patty left. All that time the boy cried seeing his mother.

“I ended up trembling, Pati was very calm, very level-headed, later she told me that after talking with her husband she had already let go. I first offered an apology for responding to the lady, but I will never allow them to disrespect her, her or any woman I am with, “she said.

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Currently, Pati Chapoy is on vacation, so she is not on the Ventaneando broadcast, but in a few days she will return to the program.

Meanwhile, Ernesto continues with that feeling of impotence due to the attitudes of this person who out of nowhere behaved like this, especially when in 30 years of knowing Pati, neither he nor she had faced something like this, quite the opposite, because normally people want to take photos and ask for autographs, but they have never been victims of a similar situation.


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