Protect and keep your home safe with Leroy Merlin’s alarm

The month of August begins and the holidays begin for many of us. When we take a few days off, we usually take the opportunity to take a trip or go to our second home. But it is true that many are worried about spending so much time away from home because of the robberies that occur in empty homes during the summer period. And for that, Leroy Merlin has proposed a very comprehensive and effective solution.

In this way, and to try to disconnect and not have our heads hanging in the face of possible robberies, we are going to discover the new alarm system of the chain and that lends itself really well to protect and maintain your home totally safe from any incident during the time you are not in it. In addition, it wins for its good price compared to others that we can place on the market. Very discreetthis is an essential aspect to achieve it, since our possible thieves should not know that they have the possibility of stealing from us.

With Leroy Merlin we will have the surveillance that will make our house safer

And it is that protecting this environment charges special relevance in vacation time. Or what is the same; During the months of July, August and September 2021, there were more than 21,000 robberies with force at homes, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior. Each home needs its own security measures to prevent robberies and occupations that put its inhabitants at risk and leave a feeling of insecurity and uneasiness in the family.

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That is why this solution that we give at Leroy Merlin can be the great salvation for you and yours, especially now that you have decided to go out for a few days (it will also work for the whole year, of course). As you will see below, it is neither more nor less than a security kit for the home, which includes cameras, motion sensors, sensors for doors and windows and humidity and temperature controls. The best of all? Its price-

Leroy Merlin’s is a 3-in-1 security system

Because if; investing and installing (one or several) video surveillance cameras in your home is a great solution, as they come equipped with security features such as night vision, smart notifications, professional monitoring, audio, cloud storage, etc. Also, these surveillance systems can be paired with mobile apps so you can control them remotely. It is what we have with Leroy Merlin this time.

We talk about the alarm system 3 in 1 which is called to be the safest in its class and in terms of value for money, as you can see. We refer to the series Ksix Smart Home, which is perfect for apartments, terrace houses and single-family homes, as well as others in which animals live. Likewise, and as one of its best points, it offers real-time visualization and control through the smartphone application. Take advantage! It’s on sale, and its price now is just 30 euros (before 72.99 euros).

ksix-smart-home Leroy Merlin

Alarm with camera, temperature and humidity sensor and movement

Namely; that for just 30 euros in Leroy Merlin, you can buy an alarm kit that is made up of a camera, a temperature and humidity sensor and movement. This will give us the possibility of configuring up to 5 protection zones in our house. Likewise, the recording will be carried out on a Micro SD card (not included) and the equipment is powered by batteries (included), so all your safety will be in good hands.

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In your case, in addition, we can use it for security aspects, but also for what it will be to monitor pets, small children or elderly people. For its use, what they tell us is that each element of this security system is connected to the control center wirelessly by the red Wifi de 2.4 GHzwhile transmitting the surveillance data so that it passes them to the app of our mobile. This kit for sale at Leroy Merlin adds protection against any incident, not just theft, and it is possible to control them remotely from the holiday destination.

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