Protective masks distribution campaigns in Benguerir and Sidi Allal Tazi

The kickoff of a campaign to distribute protective masks to citizens was given on Wednesday in Benguerir, with a view to raising public awareness of the health importance and the obligation to wear these bibs, in accordance with the law in force.
This campaign, organized under the supervision of the province of Rhamna and in coordination with local authorities and associative actors, including the Moroccan Red Crescent (CRM), targeted the majority of neighborhoods in the city of Benguerir, in particular the very populations, with a view to strengthening awareness of the importance of prevention and the fight against the pandemic of the new coronavirus.
At the same time as this mask distribution operation, the CRM volunteers carried out an awareness campaign aimed at strengthening citizens’ awareness of the risks posed by any slackening or failure to comply with the preventive measures decreed by the competent authorities to stop the spread of Covid-19.
In a statement to MAP, the president of the provincial CRM office in Rehamna, Tarek Benhassi, stressed the importance of this initiative in raising awareness among the local population of the obligation to wear protective masks and to strictly observe hygienic conditions and physical distancing measures for the fight against the pandemic.
This operation, he said, is likely to strengthen awareness-raising actions for the wearing of bibs and to anchor this preventive measure in the daily behavior of the inhabitants of the province.
He also praised the efforts made by local and provincial authorities to deal with Covid-19, as well as the dedication of CRM volunteers to fully assume their noble mission to society in this exceptional situation.
For their part, the local authorities of Benguerir urged all citizens to get involved with patriotism and responsibility in the enormous efforts made by the public authorities and health services to stop the spread of the pandemic.
For their part, the local authorities of the district of Sidi Allal Tazi proceeded, Friday, to the free distribution of protective masks for the benefit of the poor as part of the awareness and prevention campaigns against the coronavirus pandemic.
During this campaign initiated by the local authorities of the district, awareness messages were disseminated and batches of bibs were distributed, particularly to low-income people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in the region after the increase in the number of cases of contamination.
Thus, an appeal was sent to the local population on the need to respect the rules of prevention against Covid-19, in particular the correct wearing of masks, respect for physical distancing and frequent disinfection or washing of hands.
In a statement to the MAP, a beneficiary of the Chriblat douar under the district of Sidi Allal Tazi indicated that this is a great initiative aimed at guaranteeing the health and safety of citizens and raising awareness of everything everyone to the issue of prevention against the pandemic in order to contribute, together, to contain it.
“It is necessary, even essential, for each of us to seriously commit to and responsibly adhere to the prevention and precautionary measures recommended by the local authorities,” he said.
This initiative is part of the support for efforts made at the national and local level, for better implementation of precautionary measures aimed at fighting this pandemic.


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