Protest outside hospital; die for covid

Cuernavaca.— Román “N”, one of the inhabitants of the municipality of Axochiapan who participated in a protest to warn that they would burn the regional hospital if they took patients with Covid-19, entered on Saturday with the symptoms of the new virus and died on Monday, confirmed the deputy director from hospitals in Morelos, Mario Balbuena Basurto.

“Within the general background that is asked of all patients is their identification card and unfortunately it was the taxi driver [Román “N”], but upon admission we do not see that background to give or deny care.

“He is a patient who entered with acute respiratory failure, his sample was taken, he tested positive and he died today,” Balbuena said at a press conference.

On April 1, Román and his neighbors, approximately 150 inhabitants of this municipality, demonstrated at the Dr. Ángel Ventura Neri Hospital to warn the medical management that they would not allow the accommodation of people infected with Covid-19, and in case if they occupied the beds, they would burn the property.

Their rejection, they said, was because the hospital did not even have the capacity to care for patients in the region.

“Those of us who are concerned about the health of families and of all of us are going to be vigilant that what we are thinking does not happen, that is what we expressed there, and if there is really something ‘low hand’, we are here to to act, but why did we come, ”said the ex-taxi driver during the demonstration.

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That same afternoon, the General Director of Health Services of Morelos (SSM), Héctor Barón Olivares, affirmed that the Axochiapan medical center was available to the population, trained for various uncomplicated conditions, including the new coronavirus, and maintained that the service could not be denied to anyone, even if they did not have social security.


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