In Minsk, the wave of mass protests has subsided, grenade explosions and car horns have practically died down. This was reported by the correspondent of RBC.

The situation stabilized by 3:00 Moscow time. As specifies RIA Novosti with reference to his correspondent, there are no large groups of protesters left in the city center, and car traffic has been partially restored.

Clashes between protesters and riot police in Minsk. Photo report

After the end of the presidential elections, unauthorized protests began in Minsk and other cities of the republic. Law enforcement used To disperse the actions in Minsk, special equipment and noise grenades, the media specified that tear gas and water cannons were used. Protesters in the Belarusian capital tried to erect barricades from improvised means, but they were destroyed by riot police. The personnel of the internal affairs bodies of Belarus was transferred to an enhanced mode of operation.

Video of a van hitting a man in Minsk


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