Protesters try to attack Daniel Jadue in Plaza Baquedano: he had to flee

During the day this Sunday -in the middle of the commemoration of the social outbreak- the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, he had to “flee” from Plaza Baquedano, after a group of protesters tried to attack him.

The moment was recorded in various videos published on the Twitter platform, where the mayor of Recoleta is seen “starting” from the place, while a group of subjects try to hit him.

It should be noted that this occurs in the context of various demonstrations taking place in the place, where hundreds of people have gathered.

In this regard, the communal chief assured that “I arrived at Plaza de la Dignidad around 11 in the morning. I did not arrive in that minute that is shown in the video. I was more than an hour and a half in the square sharing with people, commemorating October 18, also talking about the Constituent Process, “he told CNN Chile.

This, until “a truck with people arrived, a truck from the Fonda Permanente, and two people got out there to try to insult me ​​and provoke us, and indeed the people reacted, they tried to isolate them, they insisted, there was even one with a fairly large stick, I appreciate the solidarity of the people who tried to interpose themselves in this, but when I realized that their intention was to provoke, I reacted and decided to retire after an hour and a half in the square, “he said.

After this, he maintained that “since we did not react, they followed us, but there were three people (…) So I am very well, it was a good day, it is a historic day for the people of Chile, “he said.


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