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The death of the African American George Floyd at the hands of a policeman in the city of Minneapolis (USA) has unleashed a wave of protests that worsens with the passing of days. Demonstrations have been reported in cities across the country and, in order to control them, the authorities have implemented curfews. Within the framework of these measures, a new case of unjustified violence against an African-American couple was discovered in Atlanta, in the southeastern United States.

How the local media reports ‘CBS 46’Keisha Lance Bottoms, mayor of that city, reported on Sunday May 31 her decision to fire two riot police who were caught attacking two African-American students.

Messiah Young, 22, and Teniyah Pilgrim, 20, They were driving at low speed on a road when they were hit by a group of soldiers who made them get out of the vehicle in which they were. Apparently, his intention was to enforce the curfew that began to apply in that city from 9 pm

The video shows that neither Pilgrim nor Young, who was behind the wheel, resisted the arrest of the policemen. However, they used an electro-shock weapon against the woman who was in the passenger seat and broke the windows of the Mazda that Young was driving, which was also attacked with a ‘taser’.

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If you read us from the app, you can see the video here.

They removed the two young men by force and reduced them. The video went viral and immediately aroused the outrage of public opinion. The police procedure would have been caught on Saturday night and was shared thousands of times by the public.

Such was its impact that Keisha Lance Bottoms and Erika Shields, the Atlanta Mayor and Police Chief, decided to remove two of the police officers who participated in the arrest from their positions.

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“Excessive use of force is never acceptable behavior”said Mayor Bottoms during a press conference. In addition, Police Chief Shields remarked that the video of the arrest, in which numerous uniformed men are observed surrounding the youth’s car, looked like something “very shocking”.

The police officer who used the electric shock on Pilgrim, a female passenger, was identified as Mark Gardner and the one who broke Young’s glass is named Lonnie Hood. The medium ‘CBS 46’ knew a report in which the officer Gardner related what happened.

I did not witness the initial traffic violation or crime under which she or her male partner was being investigated

According to him, they were trying to “secure” the couple when he heard other officers say the word “weapon”. As he could not see the woman’s hands, he chose to use an electric shock, which was also applied against the driver.

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“I wasn’t sure if she or the driver were suspected of possessing a gun. My purpose when deploying my ‘taser’ was to have the woman under control. I did not witness the initial traffic violation or the crime under which she or her male partner was being investigated, “Gardner said in her report.

Teniyah Pilgrim was arrested and released without charge. Messiah Young, meanwhile, was sent to Grady Hospital and released on Sunday morning. Initially, he was to be charged with fleeing the ‘scene’ and driving with an expired license, but these charges were dropped.



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