Provides BUAP care for the emotional well being of your community

Aware of the need to provide emotional well-being of the university community, particularly during this pandemic, the Direction of Accompaniment University (DAU), through the Coordination of Care Emotional well-being, provides its services to the students, who have significantly increased their requests for attention during this quarantine.

So what informed the owner of this address, Juan Carlos Pinacho Cross, who pointed out that the current situation has led to various emotional states, not only among the young but also in adult individuals, children and girls. In the case of the university community, announced that they have received around 250 applications query the first time, during the confinement.

According to the director of the OAD, this figure is unusual because usually the requests grow at the start or end of the semester, when the students can be stressed more by their academic performance. In this sense, it noted that the increased demand has been focused on undergraduate students, with 96 percent.

In the framework of the commemoration of the Day of the Psychologist, and Psychologist, this 20th of may, the holder of the DAU mentioned that the growth of the demand for these services during the last four weeks is linked to states of anxiety, sadness, depression, or violence within the family nucleus, where interpersonal relationships are strained by the closure or the uncertainty generated by the pandemic, as well as by gender.

Actions institutional arrangements for the emotional well-being

“As a University, the physical and emotional health of our community is envisaged in the Institutional Development Plan of the doctor, Alfonso Esparza, and in this case the OAD collaborates with a group of psychologists and psychologists attending face-to-face, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00 hours, in the units of emotional well-being, located in areas Center, Health and University City, as well as in the Complex Regional South in Tehuacan, and at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and animal Husbandry, in Tecamachalco,” said the master Pinacho Cross.

He also said that in times subsequent to the 17 hours and weekends, it offers a hotline for emergencies (22 23 44 89 05), which continues to operate 24 hours to cater exclusively crisis. Also, throughout the year are activated campaigns for the promotion of emotional health, suicide prevention and provides talks in the academic units who request them.

In terms of numbers, Pinacho Cross reported that during 2019 were made 5 thousand 876 entertainment face-to-face, of which 63 per cent went to women and 37 per cent for men. In terms of the line telephone of attention to the crisis in that same year were responded to 456 calls, of which 58 percent were women and 42 percent of men.

With regard to the attention that is given in the middle of the landfill, explained that the psychology staff is still working based on protocols and lines of care that is disseminated to the student community in social networks. In this way, any student can make a request by providing your details -name, telephone number, enrollment and program of study – in the mail [email protected]

Once that is confirmed the information provided, the DAU will contact the student or the student to give you a virtual quote from Monday to Friday, using various online platforms, and you do not have access to the internet, attends via telephone.

The importance of emotional health

Pinacho Cross noted that in the population group between 14 and 29 years –in which is located the student community– are the emotional disorders and even psychiatric conditions more frequently, for this reason it is important to highlight the care of the emotional health of the youth.

He said that young people grow up with a large number of stressors due to childhood trauma, bullying, discrimination by gender and sexual diversity, family violence, as well as by ethnicity, unemployment, health conditions poor, but also for pandemics or natural disasters, which explains the increase in their indices of attention, because something similar happened after the earthquake of 2017.

On the other hand, the holder of the DAU emphasized that caring for the mental health is reflected, first, in a financial savings in public health, especially because it is linked to bodily well-being; and, subsequently, a better social functioning.

Another advantage is related to the stability and future professionals, as they are currently in the areas of recruitment does not only emphasize on performance and knowledge, but also in the emotional, because a person with an adequate mental health is more able to cope with stress, resolve conflicts and be responsible for their performance within the work environment.

How can we take care of our mental health

The master Juan Carlos Pinacho stressed the importance of seeing a specialist for mental health to get to know our person and our own resources, that will allow us to address a crisis. However, he also recognized that there are strategies of self-care that enable us to achieve this well-being desired, between these follow properly the cycles of sleep and without interruption, in addition to perform physical activity that involves relaxation and meditation, for at least 3 to 5 times a week.

In addition, to dispense or regulate the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Also, recognize and avoid interpersonal relationships violence in the family or partner; on the contrary, encourage friendships with peers, with whom they must exchange the personal needs, but in a respectful manner, in order to establish boundaries and form true networks of support.

Finally, we spoke for identifying other activities, beyond the school or work, to enable a greater enjoyment of life; for example, the University offers to its student community a wide range of artistic workshops, cultural and social responsibility, as well as sports activities, that contribute to the integral formation of the students, because they can uncover or reinforce talents, what gives your life another class of incentives

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