Province of Utrecht launches sustainable roof map; view here which roofs are suitable for solar panels or plants

The province of Utrecht has launched a map on which people and companies can see whether their roof is suitable for the installation of solar panels or plants. With the Sustainable Roofs Opportunities Map, the province wants to use about 3500 hectares of unused roofs for sustainable energy, water storage and more biodiversity.

On the Sustainable Roofs Opportunity Map it is indicated for each roof what is feasible; a ‘green’ roof with plants, a ‘yellow’ roof with solar panels or a ‘blue’ roof with which water can be collected and retained. ‘Grey’ roofs may not be suitable for plants, solar panels or water collection and retention.

The map also contains information about the slope of the roof, the surface of the roof, the year of construction and any monumental status. The map is based on current data, but a construction calculation must still be made for each roof. This is to ensure that the roof is strong enough. In addition, the site provides information about the costs and possible subsidies.

City centre: little room for using empty roofs

The roof map clearly shows that many roofs in Utrecht’s city center are colored gray and may therefore be unsuitable for plants, solar panels or the collection and retention of water. But also in the neighborhood of Oudwijk, for example, roofs are unsuitable for sustainable use. On the other hand, in other districts in the municipality of Utrecht there is a lot of space to use empty roofs, such as in West, Overvecht, Zuid and Vleuten-De Meern.

Unused roofs offer opportunities

Deputy Mirjam Sterk (Nature and Agriculture) hopes that with the help of this map, residents, companies, schools and healthcare institutions will make quicker use of the empty space on their roof. “The climate is changing and biodiversity is declining. We want and need to change that. For example, by installing solar panels, by adding more greenery to our province and by retaining water. But at the same time, space in our province is scarce. That is why we have to think smart and use the space that is already available. All those unused roofs offer a great opportunity!”

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