Provincial rebukes Piróga crushing Pawłowicz. He is reminded of his past. “You are exactly the same”

Kuba Wojewódzki criticized Michał Piróg. “Król TVN” did not like the moralizing statement of the star “Top Model”, who commented on Krystyna Pawłowicz’s hate for a transgender child. Wojewódzki accuses Piróg of hypocrisy and using the same methods as the former MP. He reminded him of the slander from years ago.

Statement by Krystyna Pawłowicz about a transgender child sparked a wave of indignation. He decided to refer to the matter, inter alia, Michał Piróg. A dancer associated with the TVN station, the star of the programs “You Can Dance” and “Top Model”, and a privately declared gay, commented on the scandalous words of the former MP on Instagram.

With this tweet, Ms Krystyna Pawłowicz started a campaign and a wave of hate against a 10-year-old child, family, school and its employees. Mrs. Krystyno ****** ***** may you stay in the hell of loneliness and bitterness in which you have been stuck for years as long as possible. But cut off from power, the Internet. Totally alone, consumed daily by the cancer of hatred with which you eat others. May it come true. (This is what I wrote, opponent of hatred … and so I do not wish some people any good) – wrote Piróg.

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Kuba Wojewódzki sharply addresses Michał Piróg. She accuses him of hypocrisy

Piróga reacted to the post Cuba Wojewódzki. The host of the popular talk show posted a photo of the cover of “Wprost” with Piróg and, referring to his statement about Pawłowicz’s tweet, recalled that the dancer himself once caused a wave of hate, suggesting that Wojewódzki was a homosexual.

On his Instagram, Michał Piróg thunders and moralizes, because in this role he likes himself the most. This time it gets to Krystyna Pawłowicz. Michał accuses her of a campaign and waves of hatred against a 10-year-old transgender child, his family and loved ones. (I do not have to inform anyone about the shameful ethical level of Pawłowicz, because everyone can see him). He writes about the cancer of hatred because Michał likes to be a writer. He adds that he is an opponent of hatred. Well no, dear friend. You are exactly the same – states the Provincial.

A few years ago, for the same low motives as Pawłowicz, you assigned me to your sexual minority. I have nothing against her, except to regret that she has an ambassador like you. You knew that in such a homophobic country as Poland it will meet with an avalanche of aggression. And it did. Because the word fagot wins in our rankings even with the words k * rwa and ch * j. Where was your romantic concern for humanism, family and loved ones back then?

Stop dancing, brother, hit the tragic tones, and hit your chest. Because pathos sometimes misses the ridiculousness and hypocrisy by millimeters – ends the entry “King of TVN”.

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