Provisional release with charges for the imam of Badajoz accused of financing jihadism

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The National Court has agreed this Friday to provisionally release the imam of Badajoz, Adel Najjar, and the other five detained in the operation against jihadist terrorism carried out last Wednesday. The crimes attributed to all of them are related to the financing of Syrian Islamist terrorism.

The precautionary measures consist of the presentation of those investigated before the court every fifteen days, the prohibition of leaving the national territory and the withdrawal of the passport. However, for one of the six detained in the operation, the investigating judge of the case, Manuel García Castellónhas agreed to avoidable prison with bail of 20,000 euros, an amount that the affected person has already paid and therefore has been released with the same precautionary measures as the others.

It’s about the Syrian Ghasoub Alabrash Ghalyounwho was acquitted of being part of a cell of Al Qaeda in Spain linked to the 9/11 attacks, led by Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas, Abu Dahdah. Among those arrested is also a family member. Kutainiof Syrian origin, Fady Kutayni Assifor which the Prosecutor’s Office He asked for a bail of 5,000 euros, and that he is the son of the patriarch of the clan, Fares Kutayniwho was also investigated for participating in collecting money to send using humanitarian aid to orphans in Syria through the Al Bashaer Humanitarian Organization.

The six appeared this Friday before Judge García Castellón, who is investigating these events within the framework of the same case for which in 2021 his court sent the treasurer of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain (Ucide) for alleged membership in a terrorist organization and financing of terrorism by diverting humanitarian aid intended for orphaned children in Syria, according to Efe.

The National Police arrested both the imam of Badajoz and five other people in an operation authorized by the National Court for the alleged commission of crimes related to terrorism in several cities, including Badajoz, carrying out two entries and searches at the Badajoz mosque. , located in the El Gurugú neighborhood and in the home of the detained imam, in an operation by the General Information Commissariat, in collaboration with the Badajoz Provincial Information Brigade.

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