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PS Plus could give these games away in June 2020

The month of May 2020 is about to abandon us, and that for the holders of a Playstation 4 with an active subscription to PS Plus means that soon Sony will announce the next free games for him June 2020.

Playstation plus It is a monthly subscription system, which gives its customers access to the multiplayer sections of different highly competitive video games, but it also gives other benefits, such as discounts and what concerns us today, their free games every month.

Certainly getting ahead of what games they will get to PS Plus for free it’s difficult but sometimes Sony leaves room for speculation due to different actions, such as discounts on Playstation store, context of the month or upcoming releases of sequels of popular games.

In the following article we will seek to predict the games with the greatest possibility of appearing as a free game of Playstation plus for the month of June 2020, making use of the different tracks spread over the Internet.

Free PS Plus games for June 2020


One of the best and best selling games in the world GTA V, has become the favorite to appear in PS Plus for the month of June, this due to two specific situations, the first to appear in Xbox Game Pass last month and the second, for being given away for PC by Epic Games Store.

These two situations have made the players of Playstation 4, than GTA V appears as free for this platform and has great chances that it will be, since Rockstar looking to expand its player base from GTA Online and PS Plus could be a great opportunity in June.

Gravity Rush 2

In different opinion forums and videogame expert media, Gravity Rush 2 sounds loud to get to the Lineup of free PS Plus games for the month of June 2020Although this game has passed through here, it was only done in Japan and has been one of the most underrated exclusives of Playstation 4, and an excellent option for this section.

Horizon Zero Dawn

We may be close to that Guerrilla Games and Sony give up announced Horizon Zero Dawn 2, at least this is indicated by several rumors on the network, so take advantage of the hype that this ad could provide Sony could you honor us in your free games Playstation plus, with this great story, to take advantage of the fact that more players want to experience the next second part in Playstation 5.

Dark Souls Remasterd

Certainly this month of May was not fully appreciated by PS Plus subscribers, and even a leak that was denied was finally positioning Dark Souls Remastered as one of the May 2020 games, however, thanks to this, this title is It has become a popular request among people and could have the possibility of entering the lineup in June 2020.

Dying Light

Like the previous one Dying Light was mentioned in that leak that turned out to be false, but the desire of this game appears in PS Plus It has increased for free, so there are possibilities, especially after its sequel fell into an indefinite delay, which could be the opportunity to Techland to calm the waters a little.

It should be remembered that the free games of Playstation Plus of the month of May 2020 still available to claim and download at PS Store, which are Farming Simulator 19 and Cities Skyline.

When will the PS Plus games be announced for June 2020?

As we mentioned before Sony is a regular entity and as every month, the announcement of free games for the month of June 2020 on PSPlus will be done on the last Wednesday of this month, that is, on May 27, 2020.


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