PS Plus for October 2022: What games will we see on offer?

The best vehicles in the world Hot Wheels, spectacular tracks and breathtaking races. In the game, you can race your friends in 2-player split-screen mode or take on up to 11 rivals in online challenges. An additional attraction is the ability to build your own tracks, containing extremely demanding obstacles and route fragments.

Injustice 2 is the continuation of the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, where players create and develop their favorite characters from the DC universe. The game features superheroes and villains from the DC universe that players can customize with unique equipment.

An FPS in which time only flows when the character is moving. There is no regenerating health bar or conveniently placed ammo packs here. There is only the player and his opponents – better equipped and outnumbered.

PlayStation Plus is a paid service for PlayStation console users. It consists of three levels, depending on which players receive, among others at least two free games every month, online play and exclusive discounts (PlayStation Plus Essential), access to a library of over 400 titles (PlayStation Plus Extra) and the ability to stream games from older generations of consoles (PlayStation Plus Premium).

The PS Plus service is available in the following subscriptions: PlayStation Plus Essential (1 month PLN 37.00, 3 months PLN 100.00, 12 months PLN 240.00), PlayStation Plus Extra (1 month PLN 58.00, 3 months PLN 165, PLN 00, 12 months PLN 400.00) and PlayStation Plus Premium (1 month PLN 70.00, 3 months PLN 200.00, 12 months PLN 480.00) at PlayStation Store and selected commercial partners.

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