PS4 not available in Polish and foreign stores. Serious delivery problems for Sony consoles

Sony said this week that it will be strong supporters of the PS4 throughout 2022 and still produce said console in parallel with PS5. It seems that the company needs to intensify its efforts in this direction, as the last-gene platform is becoming poorly available in stores.

In an interview with the Bloomberg editors, Sony has recently emphasized how important it is for PlayStation 4. The console should be produced throughout at least the entire year 2022to meet the needs of players who often cannot find in PS5 stores.

Unfortunately, it seems that also in the last-gen field, we, as players, may have serious problems. It turns out that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro are becoming very poorly available or no longer available in many stores. Not only in Polish networks such as MediaExpert, Empik, Media Markt or RTVeuroAGD, where currently PS4 cannot be bought, but also in many other countries.

TechRadar reports that PS4 is currently unavailable in the British Amazon and the GAME store network, among others. In turn, the editors of The Verge complain that the PS4 cannot be purchased at such American stores as Best Buy, Walmart or Target. Even on the British, official website of PlayStation Direct, there is a shortage of goods (the console can be purchased from the American PS Direct – for $ 299.99).

Not only PS5 and XSX, but also last-gen consoles in stores are missing this is another sign of how serious the semiconductor shortage is becoming and other electronic components in global markets. Unfortunately, it does not look like we are coming out of this crisis quickly. Lately an Intel representative said that problems in this field will last at least until 2023.


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