PS5 on the “slowest SSD”. A surprising test shows the operation of the console and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

A lot has been said about SSD in PS5, but now everyone can check how the Sony console works on different devices. Digital Foundry decided to use the slowest hardware on the market to check the PS5 with it.

Western Digital SN750 SE in the 250GB version reaches only 3200 MB / s, which is 58% of the speed required by Sony, in addition, the device does not have an internal DRAM, which should have an even worse effect on the operation of the device. The equipment also does not have a built-in heat sink, but in this case the British used an aluminum part from Amazon.

As it turns out … The device works surprisingly well on PlayStation 5:

“But let me cut to the chase and say that despite the SN750 SE failing to meet the key criteria, after installing it on my PlayStation 5, I did not find too many flaws in it – at least with today’s titles.”,

Richard Leadbetter noticed minimal differences in loading times, but in some situations PS5 loaded the game faster on the “slowest SSD” compared to the internal disk offered by Sony.

Digital Foundry decided to check how Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart works on the mentioned SSD and the results are surprising:

“It turned out that the gaming experience was almost identical to the production on the internal SSD and the much faster SN850. There are fractions of a second in performance drop in the title when moving between game-specific dimensional portals, and disk stuttering seems to vary depending on the position you run, but the bottom line is that for many portals, SN750 SE, SN850 or an internal drive can be a little bit faster or a little slower. We’re literally talking about single frame drops, and the gaming experience across all three drives was found to be interchangeable in the areas we tested. “

The journalist emphasizes that at least now, even a weaker SSD can provide players with adequate gameplay – of course, a lot can change in the future, when developers will use the capabilities of the drives more.

“I predict some of these results may be surprising – especially how well Ratchet and Clank performs on an SSD that has so many Sony requirements – but based on a small sample, the evidence suggests you can get away with purchasing a drive outside of specifications and save some money … at least here and now. “

The only problem may be copying the data – although I have the impression that some will not complain.
PS5 SSD - slowest test 2

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