PS5: Online stores list price of Sony console – will you be expensive?

It is not yet clear when exactly the PS5 will be released. Online shops are already listing the Sony console at a real shock price.

  • The Next-gen console Playstation 5 Sony is to be the successor to Playstation 4.
  • So far, the Japanese game developer is holding on Sony back with details.
  • First Online shops list the PS5 but now with incredible Prices. Fans are shocked.

Hamburg / Tokyo – They have been expecting for months Sony fans and streamers the release of the Next-gen console Playstation 5, which is to replace the Playstation 4 released in 2013. There is little information about the new one console known, although also Sony very restrained. As always, there are numerous alleged leaks, which have not yet been confirmed. So also tend to the Price the Playstation 5 many rumors. Even though Sony did not provide any information about this either, now list the first ones Online shops shocking Prices.


Playstation 5 (PS5)


Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)


stationary game console


9th generation of consoles

Storage medium


Release date

probably at the end of 2020

PS5 from Sony: shocker prices listed in the first online shops

Sony’s Playstation 5 should one console that the predecessor should outperform in many areas. But not only that, but also the never sleeping competition. This refers to Microsoft’s next-gen console Xbox Series X, which is due to be released around the same time and for which significantly more official information has been released. Since it offers itself for Sony to his American competitors based on the Price to undercut. The Danish trader Foetex leaves this assumption on a shocking Price shatter, the one in the corresponding Online shop is listed.

Fans are shocked by the prices for Playstation 5 that have recently been listed in online shops. What is this all about?

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in the Online shop Føtex lists the Playstation 5 with an incredible Price from 6689 crowns, which corresponds to an amount of approx. € 935. Since another dealer called Play N Trade Vancouver Island from Canada the Next-gen console from Sony based in Tokyo for only 559 Canadian dollars, i.e. about 358 € for pre-order and this one Price clearly from that of the Danish Online shops differs, as a customer you can not yet rely on what the first retailers now require for the pre-order. Playstation 5 fans assume that the Online shops for the Prices just use wildcards and look at the ones mentioned Prices no later than the release of the PS5 will adjust.

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PS5 from Sony: fans speculate on the prices listed in online shops

The one from the Danish Online shop listed Price for the Playstation 5 shocked, because if it turned out to be true, it would Playstation 5 cost more than twice as much as his Predecessor console. In contrast to the strikingly low Price of the Canadian Online shops makes you suspicious. On Twitter, the PowerGPUcom user is currently discussing which post Price for the Next-gen console Playstation 5 would be justified. Many would be happy if the one listed by the Canadian dealer Price would turn out to be true. But whether that Sony also looks like this?

It is also interesting to what extent the final one Price the Playstation 5 could be related to production costs. As an example, the Playstation 4 from Sony that came in for $ 399. According to a leak, the production costs were approximately $ 381 at the time. Did the Japanese game developer even make a profit with the PS4? It is not that simple, because marketing, logistics and other things add to the production costsPrice shoots up. Sony So don’t make a sale directly console Profit, but mainly with software sales and contributions from Playstation Network memberships. The Online shop operator can therefore with a Price just speculate.

Sony PS5: price for next-gen console too high? Fans are shocked

If you refer this example to the Playstation 5, the production costs alone will probably be higher than for the Playstation 4. According to a leak they should be around 450 US dollars. This would mean that the Selling price could be set higher than the predecessor of Sony. The game developer out Tokyo has already commented on this in the past Playstation 5 one the progress ofNext-gen console appropriate and attractive Price to be determined.

Also waited Sony before announcement of the Price the Playstation 4 is the official one Price the Xbox One from Microsoft and then put about $ 100 under the Price the competition, which turned out to be a great advantage. Maybe it will Sony for the Playstation 5 do as well. Like the final one Price so can’t look from Online shops decided or given. So the fans probably have only one thing left to do, continue to be patient for new information from Sony Next-gen console Playstation 5 waiting. Meanwhile, it is speculated whether GTA 6 will be released exclusively for Playstation 5 and what color and design the console will have.

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Rubric list picture: © Sony / Pixabay / Montage

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