PS5 sales surpass Xbox Series by 15 million consoles


In a detailed analysis provided by, PS5 sales outpaced those of the Xbox Series X|S by as much as 15 million consoles to date. In the past twelve months alone, PlayStation 5 sales have widened the gap by nearly 9 million units.

The data reveals that the PlayStation 5’s market share among current generation home consoles is 62.7%, while the Xbox Series X|S’s market share is 37.3%, a significant drop from last year.

This isn’t to say we don’t know PlayStation is winning this generation – in fact, Phil Spencer recently went on air on a podcast and admitted that no matter what they do at Xbox, they can’t beat PlayStation – not that they really wanted it, of course.

It’s been a big year for PlayStation and as data from shows, things continue to heat up, with the PlayStation 5’s sales trajectory rising at a serious consistency over the past two to three months. It’s been almost three years since the console’s release, and millions of units are still sold every month.

A report published by says that the PlayStation 5 is still slightly behind the PlayStation 4, by almost 3 million in sales, but the Xbox Series X|S has already surpassed the Xbox One by almost 1 million units.

Arguably, the PlayStation has had more luck with exclusives lately, with games like Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok, Spider-Man and The Last of Us attracting massive audiences and generating millions upon millions of sales. The Xbox Series X|S platforms weren’t dead, but lately the bad press has taken its toll on the company – for example, it’s been revealed that Redfall isn’t really what it was made out to be, and the blame for that lies mostly with the Xbox itself.

It is worth emphasizing that this trend will remain unchanged for a long time.

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