PSA and Renault have sued the former GM & S


The 85 licensees of the former automotive supplier and the other 33 employees of LSI claim 7.4 million euros to the two producers who claim to have caused the fall of GM & S.

The PSA and Renault groups were reported by former employees of Creusoise GM & S La Souterraine, announced on Thursday 8 November with their lawyer Jean-Louis Borie, in a press release. "Yes, we are attacking PSA and Renault for what they've been doing for years, broken lives, broken careers, family suffering and, of course, psychological consequences, all of which has been orchestrated by automakers, we're asking for compensation!" write the employees.

The 85 licensees of GM & S and the other 33 employees hired in the company LSI claim a total amount of 7.4 million euro to the two producers who accuse of having caused the fall of the previous supplier of automotive equipment to keep it in a situation of economic dependence. "We are asking 80,000 euros for each of the 85 licensees and 20,000 euros for each of the employees taken over by LSI, others have announced that they will join the procedure", said Mis Borie.

"Abuse of a dominant position"

Convocation of the court for "Abuse of a dominant position" is "Responsibility for faults" before the court of Gueret (Creuse) was released by the bailiff on Monday at Peugeot and Tuesday at Renault. The support and defense association and the works council also claim € 5,000 and € 20,000 respectively from car manufacturers.

Mis Borie said, however, leave the door open for conciliation. "Our approach will lead to a" civil hearing before the court if we do not reach a memorandum of understanding. "We have always favored the discussion"he said.

At the end of September, the lawyer had called Renault and the PSA to attend "Reconciliation" penalty to bring such proceedings against them. The PSA's legal director, Mark Rollinger, replied on October 8th. In this email, PSA "He believes he has fulfilled his commitments and can justify them" but he believes it "The draft judicial decree is a negative signal, not being able to allow the site to work with new customers and develop", explained Mis Borie.

Renault did not answer, according to the statement.

In May 2017, after months of mobilizations, demonstrations and drilling operations, exhausted employees had threatened to blow up their business with gas cylinders. This social file had captured the first months of the Macron Presidency. The company was finally withdrawn for a symbolic euro in September 2017, with 120 jobs held.

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