PSA: the cost of "clean mobility is like organic food is more expensive", warns Carlos Tavares

"Governments have made the scientific decision to ask the builders go to the electric. This instruction is very clear, it is visible in the objectives of the C02 that have been imposed by the European Union.", said Carlos Tavares on Saturday on Inter France. For the head of the PSA, "it is perfectly normal and desirable" the standards are hardened because "we have to move towards a totally clean mobility".

But he emphasizes it "What is the debate today,it is the speed with which we have to transform the entire automotive industry in Europe (…) to reach particularly strict targets by 2030".

Objectives for 2030"The mutation proposed to us is a mutation with far-reaching consequences"according to Tavares.

He stressed in particular the cost of "clean mobility". "It's like organic food, it's more expensive"he said. "As citizens, we accept to pay for our own most expensive mobility, or we put the European automotive industry in difficulty"he said.

On October 3, the European Parliament will make a decision on CO2 standards for 2030, said the leader of the PSA. Another topic are batteries that account for 40% of the cost of an electric car and which ones "today they are an Asian monopoly of Koreans, Chinese and Japanese"he said.

"We, the PSA Group, are an ardent supporter of the (the) process of creating a European battery sample to balance the dominant Asian situation"he said, adding that "it was ten years ago that we should have launched it".

The question of batteries is also posed by the president of the automotive platform (PFA), Luc Chatel, who emphasizes "the risk of moving a very significant part of the value chain in Asia".

Travel in Asia"Can we keep the know-how in Europe or undertake a collective suicide of the European automotive industry?"asks, in an interview Saturday in Le Figaro.

This is "all the stakes of the R & D efforts that Europeans have to accept to work on a new generation of batteries", adds Luc Chatel.

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