Psalm: “I almost lost my head”

While “Flop” is at the top of the world rankings, the rapper from Olbia confesses on social media that he has fallen into depression

OLBIA. Sgoing there at the top must have a certain effect, especially for a record with that title. After the expected exit, Flop Salmo is now being celebrated for earning the top spot on the global Spotify chart (!) of newly released albums. The recognition rewards a record that plays right on the dark side of success: aware that it makes no noise when it goes up but when it goes down, a monologue contained in the album also says so. Tomorrow Flop will also be omnipresent in all the new Fimi rankings. But it matters little, for an album that tries to get around the value of the numerical result alone. «Son of lockdown and worldwide pandemic – this is how Salmo presented it -, this record saved my life».

Growth. It is the album of the maturity. Inside you can hear a different Psalm, and for this reason perfectly in line with his entire discography, which has made chameleonism one of its greatest qualities. The great concept of failure has revealed an artist who is now complete and transversal. Seventeen tracks, four collaborations – targeted, well-chosen – with Noyz Narcos, Marracash, Gué and Shari, for a project that after three years Playlist he intends to change the rules of the game again. We expected a Psalm similar to the one that has been collecting platinum records and streams for three years thanks to sounds aimed mostly at young and very young people. Instead the rapper, assisted by a very fresh group of producers and composers (including the guitarist Marco Azara, another Olbiese and author on the rise in the Italian scene), shows that he can get out of the usual repertoire to broaden the range of action with knowledge of cause.

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The vein is definitely rap but duets with rock, soul, pop and blues – special mention to the song “A Dio” with Alex Britti’s slide guitar. The disc is a clear evolution also on the lyrical level. The pen is easily recognized by the first bars, yes, and maintains its peculiarities, but somehow it goes deeper. The songs highlight a depth of thought of the rapper from Olbia that is too often underestimated or put on a par with the slightly vulgar and provocative releases, which also exist and are part of the character.

“Make good use of it”. Always attentive to the aspect of communication during the launches of his albums, this time Salmo has decided not to give interviews either to specialized magazines or to generalist newspapers. For now, the only words accompanying Flop are the ones the rapper shared on Instagram. “Flop was born in March 2020, the son of a lockdown and global pandemic – he explained -. The first piece I wrote is “To God”. At that time I felt completely destabilized, like everyone else. They canceled the world tour due to the pandemic and as if that were not enough the relationship with my ex ended shortly thereafter », the model Greta Menardo, to whom she had dedicated the hit“ Il cielo nella stanza ”. “I plunged into a black hole and I’m not ashamed to say that I had to take a course of psychiatric drugs to recover. I was completely out of my mind! I do not make a list of all the things that have happened in this long period of waiting but I assure you that I risked losing my mental health. It may seem trivial but this record saved my life. I am writing this to make you understand that it is not all as simple as it seems. This record is written in blood. Make good use of it ».

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Fallen angel. Yesterday Salmo released the cover of the vinyl version – that of the cd is his reinterpretation of the painting “The Fallen Angel” by Cabanel. In this, however, the Olbiese is lying on the windshield of a car surrounded by the crowd. Remember the final scene of the movie Joker, but above all it recalls the fall of Lucifer, a figure in which Psalm is repeatedly reflected in the passages.

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