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The PSC MEP, Javi López, has convoked Manuel Valls, candidate for the mayor of Barcelona, ​​this Friday to reject CS's support if he does not want to be "responsible" of the Orange agreement and of the PP with Vox in Andalusia. Recalling that the French prime minister opposed a programmatic pact with the extreme right, Lopez urged him to be "consistent" and "act accordingly": "It should be decided on his candidacy and do without the support of Cs "he said at a press conference at the headquarters of the PSC.

The first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, and the socialist candidate in Barcelona, ​​Jaume Collboni, had already asked Valls some days ago the commitment to dissociate from the C in case those of Albert Rivera ended up being d & # 39; agreement with Vox to the Commission and López is back once the "serious irresponsibility" has been confirmed Cs. "Who wanted to be the Spanish Macrons ended up being in agreement with the members of Marine Le Pen to build governments in record time", he lamented, insisting that Valls will become a "prisoner" to the "co-responsibility" of the " triple right "" If you wear the Cs flag in municipal elections.

It will be the PSC candidate again

Lopez, who confirmed his intention to continue to run for the PSC in the May European elections, has unfortunately admitted that "unfortunately" Vox will enter the European Parliament after having done so in the Andalusian chamber. "The forces that fought to hate the hatred of the different […] And they have opted for authoritarian and undemocratic releases, they are likely to gain strength, "he said, but stressed the importance of the European elections by saying that they will be" an absolutely existential battle for the future "and the soul of # 39; Europe ".

In his opinion, "Spain is the country that took the most time to have the extreme right, but also the minimum it took to normalize its presence". In any case, however, he underlined that the arrival of the extreme right to the institutions "reconnects" the Spanish state to the "European debate" and recalls what the "political battle will be in the next elections".

The PSC, the party with more European "interlocutions"

Lopez took the opportunity to take stock of the last five years in the European Parliament and celebrated that "growth" came after "the darkest phase of the cuts". He admitted, however, that we are not yet in a "point of return", that there are still "scars" of the economic crisis and that the decline in unemployment has often been accompanied by an increase in "precariousness". However, he underlined the work done in Brussels for a directive on working conditions, a reconciliation package and the creation of a European labor authority.

After highlighting the work of the European socialists in securing a more "social" and egalitarian Europe, as well as in the "question" of the refugee crisis, the Brexit or the arrival of Donald Trump at the White House, López Ha also wanted to underline that the PSC is the Catalan political force with "greater level of interlocution" for the European institutions. Showing examples of the meetings held in Iceta and other party leaders with responsibility for the European Commission in recent months, he said that many of the European Union's positions in relation to the Process "have much to do with what they have defended Catalan socialists ".


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