PSG: Cantona captured by Neymar's father – Fil Info – Champions League


After the disillusionment of the PSG against Manchester United (1-3), the accounts are resolved. After Patrice Evra and Jerome Rothen, he would be the father of Neymar and Cantona who had a sharp altercation after Wednesday night's game. Information revealed by RMC Sport. "Eric Cantona and one of his friends provoked the Brazilians by imitating a" trembling "finger on the mouth and making other provocative gestures.A provocation that Neymar's father did not appreciate at all, feeling insulted as the club," we learn. Neymar's father violently rejected one of Cantona's friends. The security service intervened. As a reminder, the former French national had let her joy explode on social networks after the success of the Mancunians.



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