PSG: Dugarry names Rabiot as the big winner of the battle with his club – Goal! Football Club


While Adrien Rabiot should not extend his contract with PSG, his situation is necessarily to react.

From channel supporters to RMC through the team, everyone assures that Adrien Rabiot will not extend the contract that binds him to the PSG until the end of the season. The midfielder coached by the club will leave in a few months.

On the RMC antenna, Christophe Dugarry did not hesitate to criticize the way the PSG had handled the file, believing that the club in the capital was the big loser of the file. " The PSG was supposed to solve this problem with Rabiot, to consider it a little more when it demanded much higher salaries, extensions of contracts that they did not want. They entered a kind of arm wrestling that today is won by Adrien Rabiot. "

According to Dugarry, the PSG loses not only on a sporting level, but also on the outside. " Today it plays on the performance of the player and the team. The evidence against Marseille. Since he is not in the right mind, because he is angry and he is always angry for nothing! Even if he is in a strong position, contractually, he plays on the whole team. In a moment of stop, create zizanie The 1998 world champion said.

Julien Pédebos


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