"PSG" – "Manchester United" – 1: 3, March 6, 2019, the opinion of Dmitry Egorov

Cantona, Ferguson, Sulscher

Dmitry Egorov
Dmitry Egorov

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Assassin with eyes. VAR has already changed football

Match "PSG" – "MJ" as proof that the heart of the game has been removed.


Let's be honest: if the judge Damir Skamina I did not assign a penalty to the PSG gate – even the Manchester United supporters would have no questions for him. Both they and FIFA officials, and we would all have found a dozen reasons why the judge had the right to make a mistake.

This match has already passed into history. As "MJ" has passed "PSG": the main thing

It was also Ferguson.

The justifications would start from the fact that hand play was not intentional. Continued to talk that the referee simply could not see the foul in the dynamics. And it ended with a conscientious conclusion that throughout the second half, only one scored "Manchester United", this very crazy 25-meter shot.

Because, even myself Solskjaer I would hardly have protested during the press conference: I would just like to congratulate the rich "PSG" to go further and receive a new batch of respect all over the world for not being without stars, but half the players did not collapse, but took advantage of a couple of savage mistakes of the owners and at least created an intrigue.

For this heroic defeat, the attacker, once called "killer with the child's eyes" and as a coach winning victories with children, would secure a new contract with "MJ" for himself, and "PSG" would have waited Neimar and would continue to fight for the Champions League victory.

Var solves! Penalty, thanks to which "MJ" has eliminated "PSG"

An episode in the 94th minute of the game in Paris.

This would be the case with football from the past. But he died, thanks to var. After all, if before the judge could make a decision, based on the feeling of the game, today he has just cut the heart and put in place a cruel and impartial all-seeing electric eye.

So, March 6, 2019, will go down in history not only for the fact of the first victory in the Champions League play-off team that suffered in the first home match with a difference of 2 or more goals. This is too tight But if globally, then this day is a new level of robot wins over man. Our favorite games will never be the same again?


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