PSG sanctions Leo Messi for two weeks for his trip to Saudi Arabia

El PSG A low-key season finale is coming together. Outside Champions and removed from the french cupthe set of GaltierIn addition, they will have to fight until the end for the league title, where they are still leaders, but they already have Olympique de Marseille to five points.

The sporting doubts have now been added to the extra-sports problems with Leo Messi. The Argentine, in the middle of the debate about his renewal with those of the Parque de los Príncipes, has been sanctioned for two weeks with the Parisian team for having traveled to Saudi Arabiaaccording to the French media RMC.

According to this medium, the club would have considered “a serious mistake” that Messi traveled to Saudi Arabia in the middle of the season. In fact, the PSG returns to action next Sunday with the dispute of the league day against Troyes.

Leo Messi, together with Mbappé during a match with PSG

ElPSG, Qatari-ownedhas not had mercy on one of its star players, presented as image of Saudi Arabia, the other great power of the Arabian Gulf and where it is rumored that the Argentine star could end up.

Messi, therefore, will miss the league matches against the aforementioned Troyes and before him Ajaccio within a week. If the sanction finally stays in two weeks, Leo could return to a pitch to face the Auxerre on May 21.

PSG will not renew Messi’s contract

Messi, during a party with the PSG

The consequences in the form of a sanction will also affect the future of the Argentine in the Parisian institution. As reported The teamthe journey of Leo Messi without notice to Saudi Arabia He has felt so bad at PSG that they are not going to extend his contract, which will end on June 30.

According to the half Frenchman, the desire to prolong the Argentine’s contract only corresponded to the upper echelons of the club. Now, after this rudeness, everyone has come to the same conclusion: Messi will not continue in PSG.

“A total fiasco”

Former footballer Jérôme Rothen charged hard at RMC Sport against Lionel Messi: “It’s something dramatic. I don’t question his fantastic career or his talent, but his time at the club has been a total fiasco. And he doesn’t have the professional conscience to say yes himself: ‘Well, in terms of image it may be inappropriate to go to Arabia because my contribution against Lorient was useless and we looked like losers the whole game’. When the team agonizes, Messi agonizes more“.

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