PSIM Yogyakarta Loses to PSCS Cilacap, This is Coach Seto’s Response

League 2 Info, – The results of the second match of League 2, PSIM Yogyakarta lost to PSCS Cilacap. The match took place yesterday, Sunday, September 26, 2021 at 20.30 WIB.

Minor results must be received from the Mataram Warriors from the match. They suffered a 1-0 defeat to PSCS Cilacap.

The only goal from Gideon Marcel Huwae in the 41st minute changed the score. Until the match ended, the score remained unchanged 1-0 for PSCS Cilacap’s victory.

Coach Seto’s Response After PSIM Yogyakarta Lost to PSCS Cilacap

Launching from Tribunnews, coach Seto apologized to the fans for the negative results in the first match.

Specifically, Seto Nurdiantoro apologized to Brajamusti and Maident, loyal supporters of Laskar Mataram.

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