PSIS Dropouts Bring Persekat Tegal Gacor in League 2, Bantai Ex League 1 Rhinoceros Lampung in First Match

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SLAWIBlock Tegal got quite satisfactory results in the first match against Badak Lampung FC from League 2 2021 group B which will take place at Madya stadium, Senayan, South Jakarta, Monday (27/9/2021).

The pride of the people of Tegal Regency performed very brilliantly and managed to score three goals until the second half of the match was over.

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In the first half of the match between Block and Badak Lampung FC still have the same score, i.e. 0-0, but the second half was at minute 50 Block managed to break into the opponent’s goal so the score became 1-0.

The first goal was created by front-line player Agung Supriyanto.

It didn’t take long, the second goal was scored again by I Putu Gede’s team, precisely at minute 52, so the score became 2-0.

The second collection of goals this time was through a kick from a player named Monieaga.

Repeated attacks to the goal Block still able to be saved by the main goalkeeper Rusdiana.

Until the team’s efforts Badak Lampung FC To get the result, the counter goal was created in the middle of the second half to be exact in the 79th minute so the score became 2-1.

From the start of the match, both teams were attacking each other.

Until near the final seconds of the match, Soni Setiawan through his free kick again scored for Block in the 87th minute, so the position became 3-1 and the score lasted until the final whistle sounded by the referee.

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