PSOE and Sumar seal in their Government agreement a reduction in working hours without a salary reduction and an increase in the SMI

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Pedro Sanchez y Yolanda Diaz They left the agreement on track. Their teams have been working late into the night to shape and overcome the “nuances” that separated them. But there was no surprise. PSOE and Sumar already have their roadmap in case there is a legislature, because although the two partners have agreed, the investiture remains in the hands of the Catalan independentists, if the amnesty is agreed with together y ERC. But the hypothetical coalition government can already present a socioeconomic agenda that includes reducing working hours without reducing wages and regulating dismissals, as well as a new increase in the minimum wage, among other measures.

After clearing a path that has left the distribution of ministries for later, although it is not virgin territory, the crux was around reducing work time. The great flag that he wanted to display summer and with which he wanted to pressure and portray the PSOE.

From the beginning, the second vice president put on the table reducing the current working day from 40 hours a week to 37.5 hours in 2024, that is, half an hour a day of working hours, and from there open a debate on this matter.

As confirmed Ernest Urtasun, spokesman for Sumar, will thus be compromised in the text. Removing half an hour a day from the 8 hours a day of work for next year and the commitment to move forward and open the debate to continue deducting hours in social dialogue. This was one of the conditions set by Nadia Calvino, frame it in social dialogue. But the reduction to 37.5 hours per week is already a firm commitment of the hypothetical coalition.

Regarding the minimum wage, in the last legislature the amount was raised to 1,080 euros, which represented an increase of 47% in the last five years.

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