PSSI Denies News of Naturalization of Brazilian Players in Shopee Liga 1


Preparation of clubs Shopee Liga 1 2020 colored by the arrival of young Brazilian players. They are reportedly going to be naturalized, however PSSI denied it.

At least three clubs have recruited young players from Brazil. They are Persija Jakarta, Arema FC, and Madura United.

Persija brought in Thiago Apolina Pereira and Maike Henrique Irine De Lima. Arema FC recruited Hugo Guilherme Corre Grillo and Pedro Henrique Bartoli. Meanwhile, Madura United has just recruited Robert Junior Rodrigues Santos.


Two clubs, namely Arema and Madura United, said that their arrival was for the benefit of the U-19 Indonesia National Team at the 2021 U-20 World Cup. However, PSSI has just issued an official statement denying the news.

“The arrival of these young foreign players from Brazil has nothing to do with PSSI. That is a matter for Liga 1 clubs. Players who are called the Indonesian national team must have an Indonesian passport,” said the Technical Director. PSSI Indra Sjafri on the official website of the federation.

Indra Sjafri emphasized that his party is currently focusing on preparing to appear in the 2020 U-19 Asian Cup. This event will be held in Uzbekistan in October.

“Currently, we continue to hone our players’ skills ahead of the U-19 Asian Cup tournament. Coach Shin Tae-yong continues to provide various training menus to players. Furthermore, before going to the U-19 Asian Cup in Uzbekistan, we will carry out TC abroad first. , “he added.

Although PSSI denied it, the fact is that two players from Persija and Arema, namely Maike Henrique Irine De Lima and Pedro Henrique Bartoli have been ‘brought up’ by PSSI. PSSI Ketum Mochamad Iriawan accidentally brought up three names of naturalization candidates in a webinar with IDN Times some time ago.

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Only Leozao TB, the name of the Brazilian player, has appeared PSSI but the Shopee Liga 1 club has not yet been recruited. At first, Leozao was thought to be joining Madura United, but Laskar Sape Kerrab recruited another Brazilian player, Robert Junior Rodrigues Santos.

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