PSV director Gerbrands lacks leadership at KNVB: ‘No vision in Zeist’

Gerbrands mainly refers to the KNVB with ‘vision’. “There was no face during the crisis, it was not clear to politicians. In the Premier League it was simply said, this is how we are going to do it. Just like in American sports.”

Gerbrands: “We clearly lack leadership. We discuss everything out of here, we make compromises or we vote. If this crisis has proven anything, it is that this model does not work. Polder can be good, but sometimes you just need leadership.”


That is why Gerbrands hopes that the KNVB has learned something from the corona crisis. “Renewal is not a necessity in Zeist. I hope that this is the moment when we say: this must change. If we are here again next year and nothing has happened, I will no longer experience it going to change.”

That’s how Gerbrands tackles it at his club in Eindhoven. “Sometimes you have to give space to other leaders to let them make decisions. And I don’t always have to agree with everything.”

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