Psychonauts 2 developers have no money for translation – the game was drowned in low marks for the lack of Russian

Psychonauts 2 showered with low grades for the lack of localization. They write about the anger of Russian-speaking players western media… There is no translation into other languages, for example, Chinese (simplified).

Representative Double Fine replied user: “We would like to add support to Psychonauts 2Omore languages, so now we are studying whether it will be possible to do this. “

It turned out that the developers now have no money.

The scenario of the game is voluminous: “From the point of view of the scenario, this is our [Double Fine] the most ambitious game. Adding even one language will take a lot of work and a lot of additional budget, which we do not have at the moment. “

The addition of new languages ​​has not been ruled out in the future, but now they cannot promise anything.

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