Psychonauts 2 will have boss battles thanks to Xbox Acquisition of Double Fine

Double Fine are grateful that they were able to focus on creating the game in the final stage of development.

One of the big news from the Xbox conference at E3 2019 was that Double Fine joined the Xbox Game Studios family. Shortly after Microsoft bought the rights to Psychonauts from Starbreeze —Who would originally publish the new installment of the cult game of Tim Schafer– even if Psychonauts 2 will remain a title multi platform which will also come to PlayStation consoles.

Microsoft support gave us the support to finish the game.Geoff Soulis, Double FineThis relationship between Double Fine and Microsoft has already paid off good fruits, at least that is how developers say that Psychonauts 2 it will be a better game thanks to Xbox support in the final stage of its development. It should be remembered that the development of this sequel started with a very successful crowdfunding campaign in which they were able to reunite more than 3 million dollars. There were also other investment channels with which Double Fine injected capital into the project, and in the end the direct support from Xbox to be able to finish the game the way Tim Schafer and his team wanted it to.

In a question and answer session for the media, Geoff Soulis, stage artist on Psychonauts 2, commented that the Boss presence in the game is thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of Double Fine. “Before Microsoft acquired us, we removed all the bosses so that we could present our narrative and be able to see the full story. Microsoft support gave us the support to end the game, I don’t want to say finish it, but yes add things that we would have removed so I can finish the game. ”Soulis pointed out.

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In the words of the Double Fine artist, it was good for the team. stop worrying about gambling financing and dedicate themselves completely to creating what they expected. “It was great not having to worry about funding all the time and focus on creating the game. It’s what Double Fine does best, creating games, “he commented.

It should be remembered that, although there was significant delays at the launch of Psychonauts 2, Double Fine are proud to have finished the game without resorting to labor crunch. Psychonauts 2 is coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series y PS4 (compatible with PS5), the next August 25th, to know more about the title you can review our game trailer.

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