PT LIB Optimistic that Liga 1 2021 can be held after being postponed


Director of Operations of PT LIB (New Indonesia League), Sudjarno (left); Assistant Chief of Police, Inspector General Imam Sugianto (center); and PSSI General Chair, Mochamad Iriawan (right), meeting at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Senayan, Jakarta 27 April 2021.

BOLASPORT.COM – New Indonesian League PT (LIB) very optimistic League 1 2021 can roll even though currently have to postpone the continuation of the competition first.

Is known League 1 2021 have to be postponed first because of the numbers COVID-19 which is currently on the rise again.

As a result, according to the directive from BNPB and the Task Force, COVID-19, PT LIB and PSSI have to postpone League 1 2021.

In the letter it was written that at least League 1 2021 will be postponed until the end of July.

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On that basis, Sudjarno as Director of Operations of PT LIB will continue to coordinate with the National Police Headquarters regarding Liga 1 2021.

Coordination is done so that PT LIB and PSSI can find out when they can roll out the competition.

“Of course, as we said, we will continue to coordinate with headquarters, before the letter is sent and after the letter is sent we will also coordinate,” he said during a press conference attended by via Zoom, Tuesday (29/6/2021).

“Previously we were also optimistic because we always reported developments to the National Police Headquarters,” he added.

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