PTT organizes 1.65 trillion budget to pursue a 5-year plan to increase gas investment Looking at new business

PTT organizes 1.65 trillion budget to pursue a 5-year plan to increase gas investment Looking at new business

February 23, 2021 time 18:17

PTT draws a five-year investment plan, spends 1.65 trillion baht, adjusts gas portfolios. Focus on new business Interested in expanding the battery Develop defense industry

Mr. Athapon Rerkpiboon, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), revealed that in the next 5 years (2021-2025) PTT has prepared an investment plan. Total amount of 850,573 million baht (excluding projects that are in the process of investing or seeking investment opportunities)

In addition, Provisional Capital Expenditure in the next 5 years is also prepared for the amount of 804,202 million baht to prepare for the change. Both in the main business of the natural gas refinery and petrochemical

They are also looking for new business opportunities. Including connecting the value from petroleum production to the people With energy technology and innovation To create an Ecosystem from the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG and Natural Gas Business) Into the power generation business Up to the battery and energy storage business And electric vehicles (EV) as well as looking at the defense industry Which is under study, how can the battery develop into the production of armor or tanks?

PTT Group has established AI and Robotics Venture (ARV) of PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP), including the establishment of Innobik (Asia) Company Limited. ) Co., Ltd. to operate Life Science business in 4 business groups that use innovation and advanced technology: 1. Pharmaceutical 2. Food and nutrition business 3. Medical equipment and materials business 4. Medical technology business to become New S-Curve Of PTT Group

“PTT Group has to adjust its business structure in line with global energy trends, with PTTEP having to increase its investment portfolio in natural gas fields. Support for upcoming power demand The retail oil business continues to focus on both domestic and foreign investment.

Mr Athapon said that the price of Dubai crude oil this year will be 55-60 US dollars per barrel. Increased from the previous year The average price is US $ 42.21 per barrel. This may cause no oil stock loss this year. And should be able to return to profit


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