PTT plans 5-year investment budget of 103,267 million baht, expected this year stock profit – study to borrow digital currencies

Mr. Athapon Rerkpiboon, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Plc. (PTT) revealed that the company has placed a total investment of 5 years (year 64-68) at 103,267 million baht to support PTT’s investment. And affiliates that PTT own 100% share 43% will invest in natural gas business, such as the seventh gas separation plant project, expected to be operational in the year 66, capacity 460 million cubic feet / day, Gas Separation Plant Efficiency Improvement Project Total investment limit of 30,552 million baht and investment in gas pipeline business Or the fifth onshore gas pipeline project is expected to be completed in the year 65, which will be able to connect the west and east gas fields in a complete cycle. Total investment amount 13,053 million baht

The other 47% of the total investment budget. PTT will invest through a subsidiary that PTT holds 100% shares, namely PTTLNG’s LNG Terminal 2 (Nong Fab) project. Currently, it is under construction. Set the production capacity of 7.5 million tons per year in the year 65 and will result in the total production capacity to increase to 19 million tons per year with a total investment of 22,150 million baht, downstream petroleum business such as the construction of the LNG terminal at Map Ta Phut Phase 3 (MTP Phase # 3) through PTT Tank, including investing in new businesses like Innobic (Asia) to invest in Life Science with a total investment of 27,267 million baht.

About 10% of the total investment budget. It will be used in the infrastructure business. International trade And downstream petroleum such as joint venture (VC) business, EECi, Wang Chan Valley, etc. Total investment limit of 10,245 million baht

In addition, the company has prepared an investment budget for investing in other projects in the next 5 years of 330 billion baht, which is currently in the process of studying the Southern LNG Terminal project, LNG Value Chain and gas pipeline according to PDP 2018 plan, Gas-to-power projects and new business ventures such as renewable energy, life sciences and electric power. Including acquisitions (M&A)

Mr. Attapon said that the company expects that the year ’64 will profit from oil stocks. After the year before the loss By accounting for PTT’s shareholding proportion Total of 9,200 million baht and the entire group of PTT totaling 19,000 million baht. PTT expects the average price of Dubai crude oil at 55-60 USD / barrel. Increased compared to the previous year at an average of 42 USD / barrel. At present, the price has risen to the level of US $ 60 / barrel. On demand for winter power in the US

“This year I think there is no issue with Stock Loss. If oil prices continue to rise, there will be stock gain, which currently oil prices have risen at US $ 60 / barrel. From last year an average of US $ 42 / barrel, “Attapon said.

Mr. Attapon said that for the natural gas business The company also aims to account for 80% of its revenues from the natural gas business in ’68, from 67% to the remaining oil business. Because he sees the demand for gas Rising in the future Especially the use of electricity generation And the investment of the upstream petroleum business will now focus on the gas field. More than oil

As for the battery and energy storage business, the Company has negotiated with the Army to bring the technology of producing batteries from 24M to support the production of solar farms in the Army project of 30,000 megabytes. watt Therefore viewed as an opportunity to invest And beyond that The company also had the idea of ​​bringing batteries from 24M to military operations in the defense industry. It is currently under negotiation with Chulalongkorn University and the military in making battery technology to create benefits such as wearing armor and tanks.

Ms Phanalin Mahawongthikul, Chief Financial Officer, PTT said that at present the Company Currently following and studying cryptocurrency loans closely. In the past, he joined with the Securities Commission (SEC) and the Bank of Thailand (BOT) to study various projects. Related to the aforementioned matters Which is confident that the future of the company will certainly not fall out of the process of raising funds through such channels

As for the issuance of debentures this year, it can not be determined. Because it depends on the company will have new projects. Or is there a large project that is interesting to invest more? From the year 63, the company has borrowed more than 60 billion baht to support the COVID-19 situation. And the whole group has borrowed a total of 200,000 million baht, with some repayments of 120,000 million baht, and the current cash flow is quite higher than 100,000 million baht.


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