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In Latvia, it is necessary to work on restoring the prestige of the driver profession in order to solve the shortage of workers in this profession, Andis Pikāns, chairman of the board of car transporter “Kurbads”, said in an interview.

When asked whether the only solution to the lack of drivers could be the import of labor, Pikans answered in the negative.

“I don’t think that this is the only solution. The institutions that deal with it – including the Confederation of Latvian Employers (LDDK) – should pay more attention to this issue, and we expect them to be more involved in how to return prestige to the driver’s profession,” he said. Head of “Kurbada”.

He explained that previously there were rumors for a long time that it is a dying profession, soon there will be robots, drivers will no longer be needed. “Why do young people go to learn it, if they see that it is called a dying profession? Well, what dying profession? Drivers will be needed, at least, for another 10 years,” said Pikans, adding that, for example, drivers in the company are high-level managers at the wheel.

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