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Lhe first contact we have with a novel is often the title. This is how when I had Jean Zaganiaris’ latest novel in my hands, I was intrigued by its title “God created us eternal”.

Knowing a little about the author through his previous novels, his essays, his media interventions and knowing him a little philosophical, one wonders if this is not going to be a fictional metaphysical essay where serious and abstract notions will make us frown or lift our eyebrows on every page.

To get to the bottom of it, we fall back on the back cover, leaf through the book, read the first page, we are caught up in the story and we know we have to go all the way.

From the first page, the tone is set. It is indeed serious. Adam the main character is going to lose a loved one, probably one of his parents P. And then we move forward in the daily life of Adam, a philosophy teacher who lives alone with his daughter. But the story is not limited to that of the protagonist and his small entourage.

The story is surrounded by a bigger story, that of humanity learning its limits because it is facing something insurmountable, something very serious. Humanity faces a one-virus pandemic, Omega, which defies science and makes man reflect on his sustainability.

The man stopped in his triumphal march towards the future. This is what the novel by Jean Zaganiaris, “God Has Created Us Eternal”, is about. Just like Adam who had the impression that his little routine was permanent, just like P., the doomed parent, whose life seemed to be permanent. Adam didn’t see him every day but he knew he was there every day. Now both of them know that their days together are numbered and that every day could be the last day.

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But let’s be reassured the novel is not only serious and melancholy, and this is the tour de force of Jean Zaganiaris. In this novel there are also books, authors, music, football, pizzas, Kebabs, philosophical digressions and above all a great story of friendship between Adam the philosopher and Adam the doctor who come to join in this human circle the other Adams: Adam with a Moroccan heart, Adam Bofary, Adam the Man.

“God Made Us Eternal” by Jean Zaganiaris. Novel. Orion Editions. 2022.

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