Puebla: COVID infections exceed 500 daily; long lines for tests

Poblanos stand in long lines at laboratories and clinics to get the antigen test. Photo: Genaro Zepeda

In Puebla, the State Secretary of Health reported that for the second day in a row, the entity registered between 500 and 550 COVID-19 infections, mostly of the variant Omicron; Therefore, in laboratories and clinics, the presence of Poblano has caused long lines to perform antigen tests.

What is known about the rebound in COVID-19 infections in Puebla?

Secretary of Health, Jose Antonio Martinez Garcia, mentioned that according to the projections on COVID-19 cases, the spike of infections from the fourth wave will increase, so it will exceed the highest peak of infections registered in the entity.

Infections by coronavirus and its variant Omicron will reach surprising figures in the coming days and weeks, since the high contagiousness of the new SARS-CoV-2 mutation
will cause further accumulation of new cases in the state.

Photo: Genaro Zepeda

The head of Health pointed out that the above will bring hospitalizations and deaths, although the effect of vaccination will reduce the figures and prevent saturation in the hospital system of Puebla, both public and private.

“The peak of the number of infections per day, per week and per month will be exceeded until reaching the top of this fourth wave, and what we expect is that hospitalization will be less than in previous waves.”

José Antonio Martínez García, Secretary of Health of Puebla

Photo: Genaro Zepeda

Long lines for people from Puebla to take the COVID test

In the conurbation area of Puebla there is a considerable influx of people who seek to be tested for COVID-19 antigen detection, mainly in the mornings between 100 and 200 people have been counted in branches of various laboratories.

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There are even clinics that have installed modules to practice vehicle testing, both private and public laboratories serve the arrival of people from Puebla with symptoms of coronavirus throughout the day.

About, the governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, asked society to be aware and go for the COVID detection test, so if it comes out positive it is essential confine yourself as long as necessary.

Photo: Genaro Zepeda

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