Puebla Group asks to suspend sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela | News

The Puebla Group issued a statement this Sunday in which it reiterates the need to lift the economic, financial and commercial blockade suffered by Cuba and Venezuela in the framework of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.


Puebla Group launches alternative project to neoliberalism

“The illegal and interventionist nature of the blockades affects the human rights of the most vulnerable population of the two countries at a time when they are going through a health crisis without precedent,” the statement said.

During its statement, the Group emphasizes that the illegal measures against the two South American countries prevent them from importing food and medicine, “the two countries (Cuba and Venezuela) require medical supplies, food and vaccines to manage and overcome the pandemic,” they add.

“As a Group, we urge international bodies, governments, leaders, and all those who are committed to democracy, social justice and peace, to commit themselves to the peoples of Cuba and Venezuela,” the Puebla Group points out.

In addition to asking the international community for a commitment to democracy, social justice and peace for both nations, the People’s Group calls for continuing to denounce the blockade imposed by the White House.

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