Puglia and Planque, the end of history


It's over between Lucas Pouille and Emmanuel Planque. The player and his coach declared Thursday that they had concluded their collaboration.

Puglia and Planque, it's over. The decision would have been taken by mutual agreement. The two men had worked together for six years. Under the leadership of Emmanuel Planque, Lucas Pouille reached 10th place in the world in March 2018. But in particular he lived a dark year, chaining disillusionment in the courts. On the circuit, the 24-year-old won 25 victories, 20 defeats and the French, winner of a tournament in Montpellier, has never won a game against a player ranked higher than him. Since 2017, he has been beaten nine times in the first round of the 15 Masters 1000 he has played. Results far from the beautiful promises of its 2016, when it had passed in a few months from 88is it ranks among the top 20 in the world, including two consecutive quarter-finals of the Grand Slam at Wimbledon and the US Open.

Turn the page

And even if this decision is not a real surprise, it is no less strong, because the two men are very close. Met Wednesday in a Parisian building, 32is Global has entrusted us with his desire for change for 2019. We had to read between the lines that his future would be without his mentor. "We are changing a few things, I want to review my priorities and start on a good basis, this year is not the image of what I can do, I know what I did, I know what I do not have to do again I finished 32nd and I feel like I've had the worst year of my life, I know where I want to go and if I'll still be 30 years oldis at the same time it will be my level. I finish the year with regrets. There will be no regrets next year.

He is now a former French number one, who does not want to speak for the moment, to find a new coach to attack 2019. Tommy Haas, who has accompanied the hope of French tennis on several tournaments, makes still officially part of his staff … Meanwhile, remains a Davis Cup final to win against Croatia (23-25 ​​November). The Grande-Synthe native will then rely on the French team's staff to prepare the final. Last year, against Belgium, Emmanuel Planque helped his player prepare for the decisive game won against Steve Darcis.



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