Puigdemont is already threatening Sánchez: "You will have to earn stability day by day" y "The only limits are set by the Parliament"

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“Unlike the last legislature, in which Pedro Sánchez had stability guaranteed from the beginning, now you will have to win it agreement by agreement, day to day. Without compliance, the legislature will have no path and will end up in the trash can of History.” With that idea, that warning, that satisfaction, the leader of Junts, Carles Puigdemont, presented this Thursday the investiture and legislature agreement with the Socialist Party. .

In an appearance without questions, Puigdemont has celebrated the position of strength of his group, has claimed – before ERC – the importance of Junts in recent years and stressed that they neither assume “any crime nor ask for forgiveness.” For him, the agreement is not only that, but a new framework, a new scenario in which his vision is vindicated, his actions are endorsed and the Spanish State recognizes its errors and the need for a new approach now. onwards.

The place chosen for his intervention is not coincidental and is loaded with symbolism. A small room in the Press Club, in front of the Justus Lipsius building of the EU Council in the heart of the European neighborhood of Brussels. And the place where Puigdemont and his former advisors disembarked on July 31, 2017, after fleeing Spain, to announce his intentions at a press conference. While two hours before Santos Cerdá He appeared alone before the media, he did so supported by his people. In the front row, the party’s senior staff, deputies, MEPs and senators such as Albert Batet, Josep Rius, Josep Maria Cruset, Toni Comín o Marta Borras among others. Just a few hours after Jordi Turull and the socialist negotiator will sign in a hotel on that same street.

“We are entering an unprecedented phase that we must know how to explore and exploit, a phase of recognition and ambition that will depend on us, on the capacity we have to implement what we have agreed upon. We have not set any other limit than the will of the people of Catalonia expressed through the institution that legitimately represents it, the Parliament. It is the people who speak and approve and not the party that wins an election. The agreement says that the only limits are set by the Parliament“Puigdemont has warned.

The PSOE has presented the agreement as one of the legislature, but Junts makes it clear that each support for each law, including the Budget, will be conditional on compliance with the pending agreements, from the negotiation on the self-determination referendum to taxation. Day to day. And that first of all, the international verification mechanism will have to be activated “before the end of November.”

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