Puigdemont’s demands to sit down with Sánchez: abandonment of the judicial route, amnesty and a mediator to negotiate

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Recognition of the democratic legitimacy of the independence movement and the independentistas. Abandonment of “the legal route”. An immediate amnesty that covers everything that has happened at the political level since 2014 in the autonomous community and the creation of a mediation and supervision mechanism, probably international, that serves to force its interlocutors to keep their promises, including that of a future legal referendum. on self-determination These are the prior requirements, the “conditions that do not exist and must be created”, so that Junts per Catalunya sits down at the table to negotiate the investiture of the candidates to be the next presidents of spain.

This is how the MEP Carles Puigdemont explained it on Tuesday from Brussels in a long-awaited conference in a hotel two steps away from the European institutions and less than 24 hours after having met with the acting second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz. It had been years since an appearance by the former Catalan president did not generate so many expectations. The room for the event was not very large, and it was full of his supporters, but the presence of the media, some of them international, showed the attention with which all of Spain looks at each of his words now.

“We are in a special moment. In a few days the Spanish Parliament will begin the procedures and it does not seem that the right-wing candidate has support for either the first or the second round and neither does the president and his partners. Spain is facing one of those dilemmas that it never resolves well, or confrontation between the blocks that have polarized or pacts. But the pact has a problem, or rather, two. The first is that Spain is not used to doing so to resolve democratic challenges, as can be seen on the issue of the judiciary due to the incapacity of the two major parties.The second is that the possible pact is not just any one, but rather requires Junts, a formation that has been relentlessly attacked by the two political forces. the point that two and a half months ago those parties had no problem adding their votes so that the Junts candidate would not be mayor of Barcelona“, has said the still claimed by Justice.

“Be prepared for there to be elections, but also for a negotiation that can culminate in a historic agreement. The question is not if we are ready to negotiate, but if both are,” referring to popular and socialists.

Puigdemont has been very clear: today no agreement is possible. Because the conditions are not met, because those who ask for it have “persecuted and criminalized” them for many years and because they are not going to negotiate specific support, a “patch.” If they do, it will be thoroughly, like never before and to achieve something definitive. “If there is an agreement, it would be a historic commitment, as every Spanish regime and government has not been able to make a reality, despite some attempts, since September 11, 1714 and the New Plant Decrees that abolished the Catalan institutions and the persecution of their language. Today there are no conditions for that agreement. If there is a real will, the conditions must be created, because from the outset they would do so out of necessity and not out of conviction.”

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