Pulmonologist about vaccinees in hospital: ‘Misunderstanding’

In the AD, chairman of the Association of Physicians for Pulmonary Diseases and Tuberculosis (NVALT) Leon van den Toorn makes short shrift of the ‘widespread misunderstanding’ that vaccinated people ‘just as well end up in hospital’.

“I cannot emphasize the usefulness of vaccines enough,” the doctor told the newspaper.

Vaccinated in hospital

“If there were no vaccinations, it would get completely out of hand. Then the situation would be a hundred times worse than it is now,” says the pulmonologist. “Almost all of the people who are vaccinated in our hospital have something. They have an immune disorder, such as transplant patients, kidney function disorders or severe obesity. Either they are 75-year-olds with heart disease, lung disease, or people who are otherwise in poorer health.”

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