PUPR Minister to Visit KPK Today, Discuss What?


Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), Mochamad Basuki Hadimuljono, today will visit the KPK. Then, what will be discussed?

KPK Prevention Spokesperson Ipi Maryati said the KPK would provide integrity strengthening for state administrators. Today the anti-corruption briefing was given to the ranks of the PUPR Ministry.

“PUPR Minister Mochamad Basuki Hadimuljono, Secretary General Mohammad Zainal Fatah, Inspector General T. Iskandar, and other first echelon ranks including six Directors General and two Agency Heads and their respective spouses are scheduled to attend in person,” Ipi told reporters, Thursday ( 25/5/2023).



This anti-corruption debriefing will be delivered directly by KPK Deputy Chairman Alexander Marwata. Strengthening anti-corruption at the PUPR Ministry also involved the ranks of the Deputy for Education and Community Participation at the KPK.

Ipi said that in an effort to prevent corruption, the PUPR Ministry and the KPK had carried out a series of collaborations. One of them is related to infrastructure studies.

“This 2017 KPK study maps out several typologies of corrupt practices that occur in relation to road infrastructure, namely fraudulent acts by contractors, supervisors, job recipients, and the practice of bonded jobs,” said Ipi.

The KPK also found corrupt practices starting from the planning, budgeting, to monitoring processes. The most common modes of corruption are bribery and abuse of authority.

Ipi said that in the 2022 integrity assessment survey (SPI), the PUPR Ministry scored 73.59 out of the national average of 71.94. This score decreased from the previous year in 2021 reaching 82.64.

There are at least eight corruption-prone points in the PUPR Ministry that the KPK found referring to the results of the 2022 SPI. The risks range from abuse in managing the procurement of goods and services to buying and selling positions in promotions and mutations.

Ipi said that through the integrity strengthening program or executive briefing, it is hoped that it will be able to prevent corrupt practices by state administrators.

“The Executive Briefing is an anti-corruption briefing that the KPK carries out through the PAKU Integrity program which includes two main activities. Namely the Anti-Corruption Briefing (Executive Briefing) for state administrators and their partners and Integrity Building Training for state administrators,” said Ipi.

“The PUPR Ministry is the second ministry to receive anti-corruption briefing in 2023 after the ATR/BPN Ministry. Furthermore, the KPK will provide the same training to the SOE Ministry,” he added.

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