Purolator wants to accelerate vaccination of essential workers

Purolator calls on all levels of government to prioritize the immunization of drivers, sorting workers, mechanics and other major operating employees in the courier and transportation industry.

In addition, the company has reached out to public health agencies to discuss the possibility of speeding up vaccine distribution for its employees and other essential workers across the country. These discussions focused on the possibility of opening vaccination clinics at different Purolator sites, a project the company could implement quickly given that it has the staff, space, safety standards and l expertise needed.

John Ferguson, President and CEO of Purolator.

“We want to make sure the people who work on the front lines stay healthy and can continue to serve Canadians and keep supply chains running smoothly across the country,” said John Ferguson, President and CEO. management of Purolator.

It should be noted that the company:

  • Processes over 30,000 healthcare shipments per day.
  • Deliveries to 1,100 hospitals and 3,700 long-term care centers.
  • Regularly makes deliveries to 2,300 outpatient centers and 10,000 pharmacies.

If Purolator is able to achieve rapid immunization access for its employees through temporary immunization clinics at its facilities, it says it is prepared to assume all costs and comply with all data and data requirements. process as well as guidelines from healthcare professionals.

“We support the desire of our employees to get immunized like other essential frontline workers as quickly as possible,” Ferguson concluded.

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